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We are looking for musicians using PeerTube to publish their works. Do you know any? Or any PereTube specializing on music? Any channels, collections...?

We are collecting information in this topic created by @lwr82

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Do you know musicians in the Fediverse, or any accounts focusing on music production? If you search for them, it is hard to find them. Help collecting them at EQlzr's Fediverse meeting point!

And promote the Fediverse among music producers at the same time. Everyone wins!

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The Piano’s Ivory Cage -

A plain text article, and a very colorful one. Hinting at the beauty of polychromatic music or simply anything beyond the limitation of 12-tone equal temperament that pianos forced us into during the 20th century. It makes me want to start trying that microtuning in Bitwig Studio even more.

More context and links at

@EQlzr #musictheory #bitwig

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@EQlzr saludos desde Argentina, soy productor de música experimental, produsco sobre Linux !!!!

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a community of music producers
and DJs promoting diversity and mutual aid

From beginners to professionals, ask a question, give advice, share your works and meet new peers.

All genders and colors - a space friendly and safe for everyone, actively moderated. We act against prejudice and discrimination.

Independent and free - run transparently by volunteers, on a free and non-commercial open source platform. Get involved!

:mastodon: ➡️ @EQlzr

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Transport Layer Security EP is out now!

"At the core of these tracks stands an inspiration of exploring machinic polyrythms and how they can be used to blur the distinction of what is really inorganic, or not. Below, however, this distinction of natural organism is a false promise, a blind alley, a dead end. We ... are all part of the same machinic phylum."




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Open music production!

Do you collaborate with other producers openly, or do you know about musicians who do? What tools or processes producers can use to collaborate openly? And how good is git?

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would love to see something NewPipe ish for non authenticated users. this would help towards getting more "normals" to dabble in peertube content and the creators that are trying to delete google.

If it can unauthenticated search all public on all instances, great towards having content found. Any blocks could be empowered at the user level in app?

Artists have been asking amongst ourselves how we find trying to improve and grow peertube use


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